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Matte Paintings

For Gutterdämmerung: The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth, I designed over 30 matte paintings, many of which were combined with live-action footage or 3D elements. These layered 2D digital backgrounds were handed over to the VFX studio in Paris for the final result. All were created in 4k at least.

Client: Gun Productions  •  DOP: Bjorn Tagemose  •  All original footage (c) Gun Productions
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Cemetery – close up

[baslider name=”purgatory”]

Purgatory – descent of the masai

[baslider name=”justiceone”]

Justice Cross – front view. I used charcoal for the rock formation.

[baslider name=”justicetwo”]

Justice Cross – side view

[baslider name=”justicethree”]

Justice Cross – top view

[baslider name=”bountyhunter”]

Opening scene – dry lake island

[baslider name=”deathsdominion”]

Josh Homme with a bazooka.

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